Wool Gathering and Tarndie have teamed up to host a series of wonderful events, held at the beautiful Tarndie farm, for you to participate in. Wool, Wine & Workshops is a celebration of warm wool, fabulous community and creative instruction. It's an opportunity for you to gather together with like minded folk to share your love of wool, wonderful food and wine, learn a new wool based craft and listen to guest speakers as they tell you about different aspects of this wool based industry we all love so much.

You can pick and choose to create your Wool, Wine & Workshop experience. From June to October 2018 there are a series of Wine & Yarns and Workshop dates available for you to choose between - or maybe you'd like to do them all! And, to add some wonderful luxury, you may like to pamper yourself and a non-crafty 'significant other' and add a sleepover for a night or two in Tarndie's historic Homestead or the grandeur of Bleak House - can you hear the creak and groan of the olde floorboards?!?!

So, what will it be? A wine & Yarn? A Workshop? Or maybe a Wine & Yarn + Accommodation? Or a whole weekend of woolly wonderful with a Wine & Yarn + Accommodation + Workshop?

You can find the full details here.

Won't you join us? It's going to be awesome and oh-so-much fun!